When your team feels like they are making progress, it provides a sense of accomplishment toward a common goal. Without clear milestones, projects can feel like they drag on without an end in sight.

Setting milestones is essential to both the client and your team for demonstrating how a project is expected to run. Not only does it show a timeline for major goals and an eventual completion, but key points along the way can show both client and the team if they are performing on schedule.

Acknowledging And Documenting Is Essential

We like to document specific milestones to establish both the importance of staying on track and the urgency of the project’s completion plan along with helping the coordination of other trades on the project. 

Acknowledging these set goals also allows the leader to review and approve work before moving to the next milestone. When work goes on without such a detailed plan, it can lead to challenges that cost both time and money in terms of rework and extending deadlines. 

It Benefits Everyone Involved

Reporting on set milestones will also benefit the client, as they are understandably interested in the completion of the project and schedule.

One of the best methods to communicate this is by setting project milestones that they are aware and understand of upfront.

Everyone involved in a construction project wants to have a sense of accomplishment as the build moves forward. Rather than guessing or making assumptions, sharing and agreeing to major milestones is a way of getting everyone involved in a positive journey to completion.