Having the right tool for the right job is important. Accordingly, a tradesman will take time picking out which tools he buys. Some are loyal to a brand. I’ve heard electricians say ‘If it’s not Klein it’s not mine.’

And Klein has been a leading provider of quality tools for electricians and other tradesmen for years.

Choosing Brand Versus Feel

Years back though, I recall a workmate switching his brand of Lineman’s pliers. At first, I found this strange, as I felt this new brand to enter the market was inferior, so I asked him why.

He said ‘they just felt better in his hand and he was not committed to one brand, but doing the best job’.

This got me thinking about the best tool for each job I did and which tool I would purchase to do the best job possible. And once you buy the tools, take care of them.

Finding Our What Works Best For You

This applies to all the tools we are using in each of our disciplines: hand tools, power tools, heavy equipment, planning, accounting, and so on. Take the time to try out a variety of tools and see which one works best for you and your organization.

And don’t be afraid to try out a new one from time to time. Your needs or the needs of your company may change. Or someone just might make a better tool.

Here are a couple of brands we like at Prime Power, let us know what you like.