Construction projects have a lot of moving parts. From material deliveries to scheduling subcontractors, most clients understand things will not always go according to plan.

The difference you can make is how you communicate these challenges with clients to build the relationship and confidence. For a client to have confidence in you and the project, be honest when things go wrong.

Getting Back On Track

Once you know something has gone wrong, rather than focusing on assigning blame, communicate clearly that you have identified how things went wrong and present options for how to get back on track.

This will show your client that you’re invested in the overall success of the project and have the same end goal, which is to successfully complete the project and deliver something you and your team can be proud of.

It’s not always what happens that matters, but how you deal with it. Sometimes challenges during a project cannot be avoided, or can stem from nature, logistics, or other sources that are out of everyone’s hands. 

Communication And Speed Matter

Being open to ideas and offering solutions can help to de-escalate friction on the build site. Once things have been resolved, explain how you will make sure this won’t happen again.

So when the project you are handling has challenges, remember: own up to your mistakes and focus on the solution, not the problem. Quick communication and providing options for resolution are key.

Everyone is a superstar when projects go right, but you can show your clients you go the extra mile when challenges arise during the project.