Kicking off a new project is exciting. Other than finding out your company won the bid, starting a new construction project can electrify and excite your entire team.

Well before the initial phase and flood of meetings begin, it’s essential to know who will be working on it. Not only does this effect the overall timeline of the work, but can have a direct impact on your bottom line in terms of profitability and how issues are addressed along the way.

We all know that NWA is exploding with growth, and some contractors have changed from using actual employees to a team of subcontractors which has some challenges that go beyond simply paying less.

Common Sub Contractor Challenges

When you need something done, picking up the phone and calling one of your go-to subs may seem like an easy fix compared to using a core group of employees. In fact, in a recent survey 93% respondents in the survey stated that labor shortage was the single biggest factor when it came to growing their business.

While on the surface, bringing in a few subs to backfill your employee workforce may sound like the perfect scenario, there are a few other aspects to keep in mind.

What if your sub has another project he committed to other projects along with yours? When the schedules mesh it’s no issue, but when one project runs into a snag, both projects can suffer. Even worse, if you have other trades waiting in the wings, it has the possibility of backing up the entire timeline.

Growing An Employee Workforce

Not only should you be  picky when choosing which individuals will be assigned to what projects, hiring and selecting someone to join your company as an employee has its own vetting process.

Knowing and using someones skill in the right situation can really help move a project forward. This all comes from identifying which individuals on your workforce have the specific skills you need.

At Prime Power, grouping these into large teams has really helped us expand our business, delivering a wide range of successful projects throughout the entire Northwest Arkansas area.

If you’re looking to grow your own construction company and want to use parters that can keep your timeline on track, consider asking their opinion on the subs vs employee workforce to see how it works with your vision.